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This Compass site still works but is a legacy site for the Compass UK ministry. We have a brand new modern set of studies, Please visit Your Money Counts which is also founded by Mark Lloydbottom, the founder of Compass UK. We remain under the ministry of Compass in Europe.


Financial Crisis? What Christians can do about it.

The last few years have been characterised to some extent by the ever-present financial difficulties – of people and countries. That is not surprising given the extent to which biblical financial principles have been ignored. Household budgets are under greater strain than ever and the ongoing tightening of government spending means that, for many, this remains an area which is characterised by helplessness and despair. The fact is that ‘man’s economy’ is in a mess. So does the Bible have anything that might help?

The answer is an emphatic, yes! There are over 2350 Bible verses that point us toward how God’s economy operates – and the good news is that, unlike man’s economy – God’s economy cannot fail or let us down.

Compass is a global not for profit organisation providing books and studies that focus on what the Bible tells us about managing our finances.

The founders of Compass in the UK were previously the founders of Crown Financial Ministries. Hence our materials currently are those authored by Mark Lloydbottom based on the books published by Crown Financial Ministries in the UK. The ministry was reunited with Howard Dayton the founder of Crown and the author of many of the materials in our shop. The name might be different, but the power of the Word of the Lord that they focus on is never changing. The Compass brand appears on all new materials and eventually will appear on all books as they are reprinted.


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Christian Financial Compass - Navigating Finances God’s Way, is a UK-based organisation aligned with Compass, USA a worldwide non-profit interdenominational ministry that teaches people of all ages how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.

Christian Financial Compass Trust is registered charity number 1154512.

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