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Business by the Book



This 2xCD and 2xDVD (with 7 short films) study is for the individual business owner or manager. Based on Larry Burkett’s (USA) best-selling book, Business by the Book. This program has taught thousands of business people how to transform their business and marketplaces. Now these workshops are available in a CD and DVD format, complete with the Business Excellence movie, looking at one successful UK entrepreneur.

Product details

Each lesson includes:

  • DVD – each film is between 15 and 25 minutes
  • DVD notes – summarising the key points
  • Questions – for use individually or with a group
  • Detailed commentary

The seven topics are:

  1. The purpose of the business
  2. Servant-based leadership
  3. Making good financial decisions
  4. Finding and effectively managing employees and staff
  5. Organisation and marketing
  6. Business planning
  7. Business excellence 

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