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A five week personal study covering what the Bible has to say about handling money, wealth and possessions.

Description on the back cover:

Stop for a minute and think about your finances. How much do you earn a year, how much do you owe, how much do you give? You probably think about and handle money every day of your life. Maybe you are concerned about your level of debt. Would you like to be able to earn or give more?

Discover an approach to your finances that is founded on your faith. The Bible has 500 verses on prayer, 500 verses on faith, but 700 references to money. In fact there are more than 2300 Bible verses on how to handle money and possessions. Why? Because God knows the challenges and temptations that money can bring and wants us to be certain about how to manage money successfully.

This study includes the timeless principles on money and stewardship. Inside this five-week study you will find insights that will help you look at your finances with the advantage of understanding God’s economic principles.

Over five weeks you will look at five primary themes and five secondary studies.

  1. God’s part and our part (primary theme), Getting started (secondary study)
  2. Debt (primary), Work (secondary)
  3. Giving (primary), Counsel (secondary)
  4. Saving and investing (primary), Honesty (secondary)
  5. Lifestyle (primary), Eternity (secondary)

The primary study includes five days of Bible study followed by our insights into the verses studied, while at the end the secondary study allows you to understand biblical principles and life skills that directly impact your stewardship.

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